Mahindra's OJA Series Tractor: Models, Specifications, Price 2023

Explore Mahindra's OJA Series Tractor lineup, including various models, specifications, and pricing details.

Mahindra OJA 2121 Tractor

Discover the Mahindra OJA 2121 Tractor, an innovation born from Mahindra's innovation hub, offering exceptional performance for modern farming practices.

Mahindra OJA 2124 Tractor

Introducing the Mahindra OJA 2124 Tractor, a reliable companion for farmers with impressive mileage and powerful 3D engine for various agricultural tasks.

Mahindra OJA 2127 Tractor

Meet the Mahindra OJA 2127 Tractor, a steadfast partner for demanding tasks, featuring a robust 27 HP engine and hydraulic lifting capabilities.

Mahindra OJA 2130 Tractor

Explore the Mahindra OJA 2130 Tractor, a blend of modern technology and utility, designed to enhance your agricultural endeavors.

Mahindra OJA 3132 Tractor

Elevate your farming enterprise with the Mahindra OJA 3132 Tractor, boasting a powerful 32 HP engine and adaptable features.

Mahindra OJA 3136 Tractor

Presenting the Mahindra OJA 3136 Tractor, a reliable companion for tough tasks, equipped with a strong 36 HP engine and advanced capabilities.

Mahindra OJA 3140 Tractor

Unveil the potential of your agricultural operations with the Mahindra OJA 3140 Tractor, featuring a robust 40 HP engine and precision performance.