UPL SAS Launches Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solution for Soybean and Cotton Crops Argyle

Discover Argyle, the cost-effective and eco-friendly pest control solution for soybean and cotton crops. UPL SAS promotes sustainable farming practices, ensuring cleaner air and healthier soil. Learn more about Argyle’s efficacy and how it benefits farmers and the environment.


Discover how the introduction of Argyle, an economical and eco-friendly pest management option for soybean and cotton crops, by UPL Sustainable Agri Solutions (SAS), is redefining sustainable agricultural methods. This innovative product not only ensures cleaner air and healthier soil but also promotes increased yields and profitability for farmers. Read on to explore how Argyle is transforming the agricultural landscape.

Enhancing Sustainability and Productivity:

UPL SAS, an integrated agtech platform of UPL Ltd., has unveiled Argyle, a unique agri-solution designed to enhance the sustainability and productivity of soybean and cotton crops. By utilizing an eco-friendly Wettable Granules (WG) formulation containing Acetamiprid 25% and Bifenthrin 25%, Argyle ensures better canopy coverage and efficacy, ultimately benefiting both farmers and the environment.

Cost-Effective and Pocket-Friendly:

Argyle offers a cost-effective alternative for pest control, thanks to its lower dosage requirements per acre. Farmers can achieve sustainable farming practices while enjoying a pocket-friendly solution. Additionally, the WG formulation of Argyle ensures easy handling, reducing the risk of spillage, drift, or dust formation during application. This not only enhances convenience but also contributes to cleaner air and healthier soil.

Effective Pest Control:

Argyle has proven to be highly effective in controlling various pest categories that often plague soybean and cotton crops. Farmers can rely on Argyle to combat pests such as whitefly, aphids, jassids, semi looper, and girdle beetles. UPL SAS advises using Argyle during the kharif season 20–25 days after sowing soybeans and 40–45 days after sowing cotton for the best benefits. By addressing these pest challenges, farmers can protect their crops and maximize their yields.

Environmental Responsibility:

Ashish Dobhal, CEO of UPL SAS, emphasizes that Argyle not only meets farmers’ pest control needs but also encourages the adoption of environmentally responsible practices. With Argyle, farmers can achieve improved yields while minimizing the environmental impact of their farming operations. By promoting sustainable agriculture, UPL SAS aims to support farmers in achieving better outcomes for their crops and the environment simultaneously.

UPL SAS: Comprehensive Agricultural Solutions:

UPL SAS is committed to sustainable agriculture and offers a diverse portfolio encompassing traditional crop protection solutions, biologicals, and physical and digital agricultural services. Their comprehensive range of offerings includes spraying and harvesting, financing, insurance, farm mechanization, and comprehensive farm advisory services. With the introduction of Argyle, UPL SAS continues to prioritize sustainable agriculture and supports farmers in achieving better outcomes for their crops and the environment.


Argyle, the eco-friendly pest control solution from UPL SAS, is revolutionizing soybean and cotton crop protection. With its unique formulation and cost-effective approach, Argyle promotes sustainable farming practices, ensuring cleaner air and healthier soil. Farmers can combat various pests effectively while achieving increased yields and profitability. UPL SAS remains committed to providing innovative solutions that prioritize sustainable agriculture and support farmers in their quest for better crop outcomes and environmental stewardship.

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