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John Deere Row Crop 8 Series Tractors 230 to 410 HP

John Deere Row Crop 8 Series Tractor by tractor baba

John Deere is strengthening its high-power line of row-crop tractors by debuting the 8R series. With more power, versatility, and longevity than any 8 Series tractor generation before it, as well as built-in Precision Ag Technology for the most integrated operator experience possible, these are the high-power row-crop tractors that will carry John Deere well into the next 100 years.

John Deere Row Crop 8 Series powered by PowerTech 9.0L Engine

Record-breaking power from 8 Series tractors is enhanced by high-intelligence Precision Ag Technology, which is available on every model. All 8 Series Tractor Models The 8 Series Tractors are powered by John Deere PowerTech 9.0L Engine. The John Deere PowerTech 9L engine is used to provide the straight-line pulling power the 8 Series tractors provide.

With a maximum of 400 engine horsepower, there is no other comparable to the strength offered by John Deere 8 Series Tractors. John Deere 8 series tractors include seven-wheel models in the 8R series The 8R series, four models in the 2-track 8RT Series The 2-track 8RT Series, and four models in the 4-track 8RX Series. The four different models in the two-track 8RT tractors deliver 310 horsepower to 410 horsepower, with wider adjustments for the available spacing between rows.

High Tech Features with JDLink(TM) connectivity in John Deere Row Crop 8 Series

The 8RX Tractors are equipped standard with JDLink(TM) connectivity, as well as the built-in StarFire(TM) GPS receiver, Gen 4 CommandCenter(TM) Display, AutoTrac(TM) Guidance, and complimentary John Deere Operations Center Access. Each 8RT Tractor comes equipped with a John Deere’s AirCushion suspension system, which was first made available in the larger 9030T series of John Deere Tractors.

For the first time, John Deere is making their Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) available on the 8RT series of Track Tractors. John Deere 8 series tractor lineup has received an upgrade that builds upon a solid base of existing technologies while providing new specialty options. This is part of the largest product upgrade in John Deere’s ten-year history and applies to models including the Wheeled 8R, Two-Trail 8RT, and Four-Trail 8RX. This includes the 8RX tractor, which is the industry’s only fixed-frame, four-track row-crop tractor.

John Deere Row Crop 8 Series Has Intelligent Power Management System

Two-track tractors offer 23% larger tread than tire models, lower ground pressure, and lower slide values. Growers looking for greater agronomic benefits during planting, like improved flotation, can combine the 8RX equipped with the 3785-liter ExactRate tractor tank with John Deeres track-mounted planter, keeping the ground pressure below 15 PSI.

No matter what your needs are, you can be sure to select the tractor that is right for you and your operation. LED lighting packages consume up to 45% fewer amps than standard halogen lights, with longer lifespans compared with HID lights, resulting in lower ownership costs throughout your tractor’s lifespan.

In agriculture, Central Jersey Equipment stocks excellent tractor and hauler systems, along with scraper systems. 1 John Deere took the most fuel-efficient row-crop tractor ever made, at a time when reliability is better than ever, and refined it, adding more power, adding the roomiest, comfiest, most productive cabin. This engine does more than just deliver the highest-horsepower capability of any of our row-crop tractors, but can also do more than that through Intelligent Power Management.

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