Sonalika Tractors Empowering Global Agriculture with Unmatched Quality and Innovation

Sonalika Tractors Empowering Global Agriculture with Unmatched Quality and Innovation


Sonalika Tractors is a renowned player in the global tractor market, fueling India’s progress with its exceptional performance. With an impressive market share of 28.2% in TMA FY’23, which surged to an astounding 36% in H1 FY’24, Sonalika has firmly established itself as one of the top tractor manufacturers worldwide. Globally, it holds the 5th position, while in India, it confidently secures the 3rd position among its counterparts.

Unparalleled Features and Commitment to Quality

One of the standout features of Sonalika Tractors is its remarkable 5-year tractor warranty, offering farmers a sense of reliability and assurance. The brand’s unwavering dedication to delivering top-quality products has been a driving force in empowering the growth of farmers.

Wide Range of Tractors and Implements

Sonalika caters to the diverse regional needs of farmers by offering an extensive range of over 1,000 tractors in the 20-120 HP category, accompanied by a wide selection of more than 70 implements. These robust workhorses are manufactured at the renowned Hoshiarpur plant, showcasing Sonalika’s innovative edge in the Indian tractor market.

Innovative Farming Solutions

Sonalika Tractor adopts a farmer-focused approach, recognizing the unique needs of farmers in different regions. With over 1,000 tractors in the 20-120 HP range and a remarkable variety of 70+ implements, Sonalika continues to redefine the farming landscape through its relentless pursuit of innovative farming solutions.

Sonalika Tiger and Sonalika Sikander DLX

In its quest for progress, Sonalika introduced the revolutionary Sonalika Tiger and Sonalika Sikander DLX tractors in 2023. These cutting-edge tractors are equipped with advanced technologies such as the HDM+ Engine, 5G hydraulics, and a 12F+12R Shuttle tech Multi-Speed transmission. The Tiger Series, designed in Europe for the prosperity of Indian farmers, and the Sikander DLX series, boasting ’10 deluxe features,’ pave the way for a progressive future for farmers.

Sonalika CRDs Technology

Sonalika Tractors incorporates advanced CRDs technology to comply with Trem Stage IV emission norms. This technology is available under the Tiger series, specifically in the 55-75 HP range. The CRDs tractors offer three unique modes – ‘Power mode, Eco mode, and Normal mode’ – ensuring maximum fuel efficiency and power for sustainable farming practices.

State-Specific Tractors

Driven by in-depth analysis of soil patterns and crop-specific requirements, Sonalika introduces state-specific tractors like Chhatrapati (for Maharashtra), Mahabali (for Telangana), and Maharaja (for Rajasthan). This localized approach allows farmers to optimize their agricultural practices according to their specific regions.

Reliable After-Sales Support

Sonalika takes great pride in its unmatched after-sales service support, demonstrated through its ‘3×2 service promise.’ In this unique servicing facility, the company ensures that a technician is dispatched within 3 hours of a complaint, resolving the issue entirely within 2 days. With a wide network of 950 dealers, 15,000 retail points, and highly skilled technicians, Sonalika guarantees prompt and efficient assistance to farmers in getting their equipment fixed.

Making a Global Impact

Sonalika Tractors has touched the lives of over 1.5 million farmers in more than 150 countries worldwide. The brand is passionate about harnessing new technologies and continuously customizes its tractors to foster agricultural prosperity on a global scale.

Global Partners Summit (GPS) 200

To further accelerate its growth in the global tractor market, Sonalika’s parent brand, ITL, organized the prestigious ‘Global Partners Summit’ GPS 200 in Gurugram, India, on October 14, 2023. The event witnessed a participation of over 200 channel partners from more than 150 countries, making it a landmark global conference. The summit also marked the launch of 5 new tractor series tailored for international markets.

A day before the event, the company hosted all 200+ channel partners on charter flights from Delhi to Sonalika’s world-renowned No.1 plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. The partners were given an exclusive opportunity to explore the advanced production facility that manufactures tractors ranging from 16 to 125 HP for export markets. Additionally, the partners got a firsthand glimpse of Sonalika’s state-of-the-art facility, which is currently under construction with an investment of Rs 850 crore.


In conclusion, Sonalika Tractors goes beyond being a mere manufacturer; it is a steadfast partner in the progress of farmers in India and around the world. The brand’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and farmer welfare positions it as a driving force in the agriculture sector. Sonalika tractors are renowned for their durability, and the exceptional after-sales support further solidifies their reliability. With a wide range of options available in the 20-120 HP range, Sonalika Tractors is fully dedicated to ensuring the prosperity of farmers, making it a leading tractor brand in India and beyond.

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