Noida twin towers demolition

Noida Twin Towers: What is the condition of surrounding societies after demolition

Supretechs two illegally built towers were torn down on Sunday, one year after a supreme court directed that illegally built structures should be leveled. The Allahabad High Court had the direct power to raze the two Supertech towers in Noida in 2014, a directive that was affirmed by the Supreme Court in 2021.

The Supreme Court ordered Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering to bear the costs of demolition, noting that building twin towers, which were not part of the initial plans for Emerald Court, had a direct impact on quality of life for its residents.

The New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA), also called the Noida Authority, has received a knuckle-rap on the back because of Supreme Courts finding that there were several instances of collusion between its officials with Supertech Ltd over Emerald Court project, as well as violations of regulations by real estate companies involved in building twin towers.

The demolition was originally scheduled to begin on Aug. 21, but Supreme Court accepted NOIDA Authoritys pleas and extended its date for the demolition till Aug. 28. According to the project authorities, demolition was underway one day before, and they further noted that joining of Supertechs illegal twin towers, as well as installation of 100-metre-long cables from the facility to the blasters, was yet to be done.

Prior to demolishing the two illegally built towers, the Special Task Force conducted evacuation drills for community residents, an exercise carefully planned more than a month ago. The twin towers were levelled using 3,700 kg of explosives that were bored through the columns and walls of two apartment blocks, almost one year after a high court found them to violate the construction regulations and ordered their demolition.

The demolition was carried out pursuant to an order by the Supreme Court on 31 August 2021, finding the twin Supertech Towers in Noida had been built on the premises of the Emerald Court Housing Society, violating the building regulations.

The Supreme Court, in its August 20,21 order to dismantle, said that they were built in an act of collusion between officers and companies in NOIDA, and ordered officials to be prosecuted for violating Uttar Pradesh Industrial Estates Development Act, 1976, and the Uttar Pradesh Habitats Act.

On Saturday, Noida Police Commissionerate issued a notice, before demolition, asking media persons to station themselves in designated places to cover media, also making sure they carry an identity card of the organization. 

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