India’s first largest 60 Disc Harrow manufactured by Sadhu Implements

India’s first largest 60 Disc Harrow manufactured by Sadhu Implements

You must have often seen an important agricultural equipment called Disc Harrow being used in the fields. This equipment made of large and sharp-edged plates (discs) works to make the hard land of the fields soft and fertile. Almost every farmer in every corner of the world uses it many times in his field. But have you heard about the 60 Disc Harrow, the largest of its kind in India? This innovation has been made by Sadhu Implements, a well-known name in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment based in Rajasthan, and not only this, it has also won the title of manufacturing India’s first 60-disc harrow. Let us know the reason for making it and its cost!

Who Invented this Largest 60-Disc Harrow?

India’s largest 60 disc harrow is manufactured by “Sadhu Implements”, also known as Sadhu Singh Krishi Udyog (old name). It was established in 1966 in Sangriya, Rajasthan. This prestigious institute has dedicated itself to excellence in designing agricultural equipment that empowers farmers to increase their productivity and efficiency. Their journey began with an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Diverse Product Range of Sadhu Implements

Besides disc harrows, Sadhu Implements also manufactures a range of agricultural equipment in the category, such as cultivators, disc plows, subsoilers, disc harrows, MB plows, disc ridgers, levelers, and water makers, which provide a one-stop solution for these modern agricultural equipment both in the country and abroad.

Why were such large 60 disc harrows manufactured?

India's first largest 60 Disc Harrow manufactured by Sadhu Implements
India’s first largest 60 Disc Harrow manufactured by Sadhu Implements

The manufacturing of this 60 Disc Harrow was started at the request of a Canadian farmer. The primary motivation behind designing such large agricultural equipment is the huge agricultural land that requires large disc harrows to soften the agricultural land for cultivation on a large scale which saves both time and effort. To streamline and simplify these extensive agricultural operations, adequate agricultural machinery becomes a necessity.

Advantages and Uses of the 60-Disc Harrow

  1. Large Capacity: This 60 disc harrow boasts a substantial capacity, allowing farmers to work on larger land areas in a single operation.
  2. Robust Design: Crafted by Sadhu Implements, its robust design ensures longevity and durability, serving farmers for years to come.
  3. Usage Convenience: The harrow is user-friendly, saving farmers both time and labor during their daily operations.
  4. Safety & Pollution Control: Sadhu Implements has incorporated special safety and pollution control measures into the design, making it environmentally friendly.

Using the 60-Disc Harrow

This versatile machine finds its place in various aspects of farming:

  1. Sowing: Its primary use is during sowing season, softening crumbly and hard soil, making the process convenient and fruitful.
  2. Equalizing Work: The 60 disc harrow can also be employed to equalize ground conditions, leading to increased crop production.
  3. Legacy Uses: It’s a valuable tool for both traditional and modern farmers alike.

What Is the Price of India’s Largest 60 Disc Harrow?

The price of this 60 disc harrow is Rs 16 lakh*. With its advanced technology and modern design, it upgrades farming practices by providing accuracy and efficiency, making it an indispensable tool for modern farmers.

In conclusion, Sadhu Implements’ 60-disc harrow stands as a testament to Indian innovation and dedication to advancing our agricultural practices. With its remarkable capabilities and benefits, it’s poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of farming in our country. So, as you continue your journey through the fields, remember the tireless workhorses that empower our farmers to feed the nation.

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