How to Make Crispy Aloo Tikki at Home?


Learn how to make the ideal Aloo Tikki with a bonus filling, served in a crispy potato basket. This delightful chaat recipe combines the perfect crunch with a touch of royalty, making it a must-try for all chaat lovers. Follow this easy-to-follow recipe for a mouthwatering experience!


  • Mealy Potatoes
  • Grated Ginger
  • Salt
  • Degi Red Chilli Powder
  • Roasted Cashew Nuts
  • Chopped Coriander
  • Soaked Chana Dal
  • Raisins (optional)
  • The white part of the Bread (soaked)
  • Oil (for frying)
  • Mint-Tamarind Chutney
  • Lucknow-style Chaat Masala


Prepare the Aloo Tikki Filling:

  • Use mealy potatoes with rough outer skin for the best results.
  • Cook the potatoes until they’re 90% done to avoid excess water.
  • Add grated ginger, salt, and degi red chili powder to the cooked potatoes.
  • Optionally, add finely chopped coriander and green chilies if not using a filling.

Create the Royal Filling:

  • Mix roasted cashew nuts, chopped ginger, and soaked chana dal into the filling.
  • Optionally, add raisins or finely chopped dates for a sweeter taste.

Achieve the Perfect Crunch:

  • Soak the white part of the bread in water and mix it with the Aloo Tikki mixture.
  • Shape the mixture into big-sized tikkis for the chaat.

Prepare the Crispy Potato Basket:

  • Grate potato into long shreds and mix with salt and oil.
  • Add chopped coriander and black pepper to the potato shreds.
  • Shape the shreds into a basket to hold the Aloo Tikki.

Cook the Aloo Tikki and Potato Basket:

  • Fry the Aloo Tikki and potato basket separately until golden and crispy.

Make the Mint-Tamarind Chutney:

  • Mix jaggery syrup and soaked tamarind pulp to create a sweet and sour chutney.

Serve and Enjoy:

  • Place the crispy Aloo Tikki in the potato basket.
  • Sprinkle Lucknow-style chaat masala for added flavor.
  • Serve with mint-tamarind chutney and savor the royal chaat treat!

Crispy Aloo Tikki is:

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Indulge in the delightful flavors and textures of this Crispy Aloo Tikki served in a Potato Basket, elevating your chaat experience to royal heights. This easy-to-follow recipe is perfect for satisfying your chaat cravings at home. Enjoy the taste of India with this mouthwatering dish! Happy cooking and happy eating!

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